Business Event Grant

Business Event Grant Opportunity

The 2021 Bowen Basin Symposium (2021 BBS) has been listed on the Schedule of Approved Business Events for the Australian Government’s $50 million Business Events Grants program. This means as a sponsor or exhibitor of the 2021 BBS, you can apply to claim up to 50% of the costs of participating in the Symposium! Your organisation can claim the cost of sponsorship, exhibiting, promotional materials, registration, travel and accommodation. If your organisation is already outlaying close to or more than $5,000, you could increase your spend to >$10,000 to boost your exposure and your net outlay is still only $5,000.

We would really encourage you to consider how you can help the 2021 BBS be a success, and allow your business, yourself and your employees to get the most out of attending the event.

Here are the top five reasons for participation in the 2021 BBS:

  1. Experience a new-format technical programme focussing on “embracing change and innovation”, the theme of this year’s event.
  2. Collaborate with the geological fraternity during technical talks, workshops, break-out sessions and panel discussions, and then access the full content of all approved papers and poster presentations in the published Proceedings volume.
  3. Be exposed to the development of cutting-edge technology and the industry’s top suppliers and vendors in the Exhibition Hall.
  4. Interact with peers, establish new connections or re-unite with old colleagues during the networking opportunities hosted throughout the three-day event.
  5. Focus completely on geology without business interruptions for just three days of the year.

This event only happens once every five years, though due to COVID-19, the last event was held in 2015. Don’t miss out on this year’s opportunity! This is the premier event run by geoscientists, for geoscientists and associated personnel, who study, explore, evaluate and mine the occurrence of coal throughout the Bowen and other basins in Queensland.

Applications for the grant close on the 30 June 2021 (or once all funding has been allocated).

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